Auction teacher Unimweb is a SCAM, STAY AWAY!

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Stay away from this scam, what these people do borders on thievery. Auction teacher (AKA Unimweb LLC) does not deliver on services promised, and uses coercion, manipulation, false claims and the "follow the herd" mentality at seminars and over the phone to sell over-priced products and services. I wish I had seen these postings before I got suckered at one of their seminars that they co-hosted along with National Grants Conferences .

They get everybody all excited about making all kinds of money at these seminars, then take advantage of uninformed customers by offering substantial discounts only if purchased right then. They intentionally mislead customers, and are unable to deliver the support they promise. To top it off, Auction Teacher/Unim Only offers 3 day cancellation policy, which is totally inadequate to properly evaluate the product and cross-shop against other comparable products.

As mentioned by other reviewers, Their pricing and monthly hosting fees are excessive compared to other similar products. Then after you buy the basic web building package, they keep calling you to find out how youre doing with your website and attempt to coerce you to upgrade to much pricier products such as "mentoring" programs, upgraded web packages, custom design services, a 1-800 number and a merchant services account to process credit cards.

I bought unimweb builder software program for $299.00 (special seminar-only price, regularly $500.00, whoopee) with 1 free month web hosting (which ended up only being free for 19 days before i got charged) then $39.95/mo after, also excessive. After much research, and well after 3 day cancellation policy expired, I realized that there are other e-commerce platforms available for much less than Auction Teacher/unimweb.

The included "training seminar" ended up being basically a sales pitch for the Ihost merchant services account and the Auction phone 800 number, offering big discounts on both only if bought that night. *** me, I got suckered into buying the merchant service account for $500, and im still waiting for them to activate it, LOL. About 10 minutes of actual training took place at the training seminar. Then, at the seminar I found out there would be additional costs for Doba (wholesale dropshipper), and web domain.

After the seminar, I repeatedly tried calling their customer support number to get assistance on building the web site, and would sit there on hold for 25-30 minutes sometimes before getting someone, then when I finally got somebody, they were totally useless, and rude to boot.

I did however, keep getting calls from their sales people telling me about a "special offer that they only made to a very few of their select clients" and that I would have to be "pre screened and interviewed" and "if I passed the interview" I would be eligible for their Accelerated Master Mentor Program.

They kept promising that at the end of the mentoring session (1 year) I would be making all kinds of money ($8-10, 000 per month) ...needless to say I passed the "interview" and for "only" $9890.00 I would have the privilege of having a personal tutor to guide me through the ins and outs making money on the web for a year. All I can say is Thank God I came to my senses and decided not go through with this... when I decided not to sign up, Their Marketing Director called me and tried to belittle me over the phone in an attempt to shame me into reconsidering, then tried to hit my credit card for half of the money anyway. Unbelievable, and criminal in my estimation.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on Auction Teacher/Unim which is still pending, in an attempt to get back my money for the basic web builder and the Ihost merchant services account (about $800 total), which is unlikely to happen, since their position is that "they are more than willing to help me get my website running, but that I have not made any attempt to do so as yet" (probably because I got sick of spending my life on hold) and because I am well beyond my 3 day right to cancel.

In summary, don't get suckered by this outfit, they are a rinky *** operation that will promise you the moon in order to get your money, then they come up empty when it is time to deliver, SO STAY AWAY and look for other more cost effective alternatives.

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Auction Teacher is great company.They help build me website very fast and helpful customer service too.

Not sure why complain against them.They help change my life


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In summary, don’t get suckered by this outfit, they are a rinky *** operation that will promise you the moon in order to get your money, then they come up empty when it is time to deliver, SO STAY AWAY and look for other more cost effective alternatives.

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